Four Stellar Jays

The Vetta Chamber Music society commissioned Four Stellar Jays, a work for violin, piano, soprano saxophone and bass. The resulting jazz-influenced work is being premiered from March 11 through March 14, 2021.


The Saskatchewan Suite

In 2019 the Regina Jazz Society commissioned me to compose a one hour suite telling the story of 150 years of history and culture of the province of Saskatchewan, through the sounds of big band jazz. The concert, which was filmed and recorded, featuring the resulting Saskatchewan Suite, occured in Regina, Saskatchewan on December 28, 2019. The big band, the Saskachewan All Star Big Band, was made up of some of the finest Sasakatchewan musicians, many brought home from afar for the occasion. The cd/dvd package is being released by Chronograph Records April 2021.


Artistry In Rhythm (Artistry In Metal)

This is my take on Stan Kenton's theme Artistry In Rhythm, which has been subtitled Artistry In Metal. The chart was actually written quite a few years ago for a band my daughter had at the time, a metal band with a brass section (hence the subtitle). Sometime in 2020 I had sent Michael Kim a midi demo of the arrangement. He called and asked if he could record it and, if I was OK with that idea, would I mind adding a solo trumpet part.

I've known Michael for about 10 years and it's always great to see young musicians pursue their dreams. He is a great trumpet player, who seems to make playing in the extreme upper register look effortless. It was a pleasure working with him, his production team and all the great players you see in the video.